Cruise Manager gives you all the tools you need to efficiently manage your crew.

  • Easily import crews into the system
  • Create certificates and departments
  • Create item declaration lists
  • Register credit cards
  • Link crew accounts
  • Print crew and seller cards
  • Create discounts for specific points of sale
  • Give and apply privileges
  • Manage crew shore leave allowances by time and place
  • Create crew periods
  • Track accounts and manage recalculations
  • Perform Batch procedures


Flexibility to create working schedules following MLC standards

  • Easily create a working schedule for each crew memeber
  • Each day devided into 48 half-hour for better customisation
  • Copy and paste entire days, or even months, of working schedules to save time
  • Save a working schedule template for future use
  • Error notification if your schedule goes against the MLC standards
  • ISM compatible


CruiseManager Payroll allows onboard processing and printing of statements, payroll reports, crew earnings, deductions, allowances, crew bar charges, and more.  These, and other features, provide flexibility unheard of in most payroll software solutions


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