Company Profile

We at WWBSS understand that cruise ships are inherently complex in operation and control, from passenger management to finances. Therefore, we have created the perfect cruise ship management software solution. CruiseManager is an all-purpose, user friendly solution designed from the ground up to handle every aspect of cruise ship operation. The software suite includes applications that help you dramatically increase crew efficiency and control by automating normally tedious, time-consuming procedures. You require a flexible system that adapts to your operations, not the other way around. CruiseManager seamlessly provides inventory and stock management solutions, as well as secure communication with financial institutions for credit card clearance, reservations, and excursion procedures.

Your cruise ship needs a system that integrates all of the above, and more. For all your business and IT needs, the CruiseManager software suite by WWBSS is simply the best there is, providing you with efficient, cost-effective, and highly flexible solutions.


Our mission at WWBSS is to help streamline the operations of cruise and maritime companies, resulting in increased sales, lower costs, and improved services with respect to their customers’ needs by providing powerful, up-to-date software solutions.

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